Within hours of listing the same property with Bob I was witnessing a bidding war

I have no experience with selling a house..at least I didn’t until I put a rental house on the market.  Originally, I listed the property with a friend in the business.  He took a few pictures and wrote a brief description and we put it up for sale.  We waited.  Time passed.  We waited for months.  Nothing.  There were a few calls and a few showings but no one seemed interested.  Then my tenants moved out.  Ouch!  I was facing a severe shortfall without the rental income each month.  My wife and I were fed up.  We talked it over and decided we’d run out of energy to deal with selling it and it might be best just to give it back to the bank and move forward with life.  Then…I remembered Bob Seldon.  Bob is a past acquaintance who I’d met about 10 years ago, a totally opposite personality and style from the person I was using to list the property.  Bob said, “I can sell it.  Let’s give it a shot.  The worst case scenario is that you break even and don’t have a foreclosure to deal with.”  I told him to go ahead and list it.. “But, I want it sold before my next mortgage payment comes due (a few weeks away) or the bank gets it.”  Well…Bob went to work.  He gave me a few little projects to complete to make the place more presentable.  I did that.  He took some photos and posted the property.  I couldn’t believe it when I went to preview his MLS listing.  The photos were amazing and eye-catching.  The description was professional, polished and inviting.  This just wasn’t what I was used to!  Bob posted it that night and within a few hours of business opening the next day I had a full price offer!  Then…a couple of hours later an offer $26,000 over full price…then an hour after that another even higher offer.  I was flabbergasted!  I had been fiddling around for months with nothing…and within hours of listing the same property with Bob I was witnessing a bidding war!  He was using a strategy based on years of selling experience and was totally immersed in getting the best deal for me.  And he did!  After we accepted the final offer the rest of the process was as smooth as glass, right up to the final signing.  It was easy and I wound up with a nice, unexpected balance in my bank account.  I couldn’t be happier.